Send Freight

This request will send the Freight Order results (including label and tracking numbers) upon completion to the webhook endpoint attached to the used token. The results will be sent to the webhook endpoint 4 times with 5 minute intervals just in case if the first time was not successful.


Method URI Headers
POST freight-orders/ship default


Field Required Type Description
rate_id Yes Integer This field is used to identify the selected rate. You can retrieve this from the get-rates response

Request Example

    "rate_id": 12345678


Field Type Description
success Boolean true or false
message String Message
data Object Shipment order id container
+shipment_order_id Integer This is the id of your shipment

Response Examples


    "success": true,
    "data": {
        "shipment_order_id": 863100211
    "message": "Operation successful! We will send the shipment details to your webhook address as soon as it is ready"


    "success": false,
    "message": "The given data was invalid."

Webhook Body

Field Type Description
shipment_order_id Integer Related Shipment Order
bol_number String BOL Number
pro_number String Provider Number (nullable)
final_price Float Final price
carrier String Carrier
label String Label Url
confirmed_pickup_window_start String Confirmed time window start of pickup returned by the provider (nullable)
confirmed_pickup_window_end String Confirmed time window end of pickup returned by the provider (nullable)

Webhook Body Example

    "shipment_order_id": 123123123,
    "bol_number": "123123123",
    "pro_number": "132123",
    "final_price": "11.11",
    "carrier": "amazon_freight",
    "service": "Amazon Freight",
    "label": "/label/url/12355",
    "confirmed_pickup_window_start": "08:00",
    "confirmed_pickup_window_end": "10:00"